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Babcock International Group plc

  • Babcock is an international engineering support services company with a workforce of 35,000 people which manage £42bn of assets worldwide.

    We work with sector leading organisations within the mining and construction industry, such as LafargeHolcim and Tarmac, using a proven whole life approach that helps to transform the performance of critical and complex fleets.

    Our independence is valued by our customers who benefit from decisions based on their best interest in the short and the long term.

    ALCAMiE™ is our unique approach to asset management, delivering a proven engineering-led whole-life solution that is delivered in partnership with our customers.

    Using ALCAMiE™, we manage the complex combinations of technical assets in challenging environments, tailoring each solution to meet individual customer requirements. This enables our customers to focus on their core business activities while Babcock optimises fleet performance and provides information that guides long term investment decisions.

    ALCAMIE™ is based around four core elements:

    • Web-based fleet reporting provides granular information to guide the right strategic and operational decisions
    • Core asset management is at the heart of managing the information about each asset to ensure Babcock gets maximum performance at lowest whole life cost
    • Managed Service Centres (MSC) provide a single integrated process to managing the fleet maintenance and repairs, and ensure jobs are appropriately prioritised
    • Customer accounting function Babcock’s unique combination of fleet reporting, core asset management and a MSC enables quick and accurate strategic decisions - saving time and money

    What ALCAMIE™ delivers to organisations

    • Key operational outcomes including increased asset availability, granular data and reporting and access to a responsive MSC and fleet procurement experts
    • Direct Financial savings through bulk purchasing agreements and through-life supply chain management and reduction in fleet through identifying surplus assets
    • Key management outcomes in reducing cost of ownership, a single monthly availability fee aligned with actual production volumes, increased through life availability and a contractual performance regime
    • Indirect financial savings through information guiding lower fuel costs, reduced internal fleet management costs and a reduction in transactional processing

    The Babcock approach

    • Working with our customers
      Babcock works at the heart of its customers’ operations, planning together for future success. This is achieved through building a long term relationship as a trusted partner, focused on working with them to deliver these outcomes.
    • Well managed complex assets
      Babcock has a pool of knowledge accumulated through working across a variety of industries, which means we have addressed the problems our customers face in managing complex mixes of assets, and can work with them to solve them.
    • A single independent partner
      As the single point of contact, Babcock provides an independent bridge between customers and manufacturers, supporting any mix of assets with total objectivity. 
    • Greater customer focus
      By working with Babcock, our customers have the confidence to focus on areas that grow and concentrate their internal resources on more valuable areas that help the company to develop such as mine permitting and planning, processing and logistics.
    • Innovative solutions
      Babcock is not bound by existing industry technologies, processes or systems. We encourage our customers to think differently about how they procure, manage, and decommission their assets to get the most from them.
    • Working towards Target Zero
      We work closely with our customers towards ‘target zero’ safety incidents. We ensure that best practice, innovative programmes (e-Learning) and experiences are shared to the benefit of all.

    Proven international delivery
    Babcock recognises that the right solution starts with a seamless transition that minimises impact on the customer’s operations.

    We have proven capability in delivering full mobilisation of large asset management contracts within diverse geographic territories.

    IT infrastructure is critical in preparing for mobilisation and, in new territories, Babcock will install systems to support all elements of the service including capability for robust high speed data transfer. This is particularly important in supporting ALCAMiE™ which delivers a live operating system, displaying customer fleet availability in real time through wall boards within the control centre and via the secure web portal, and is also available to customers.

    Early engagement with the supply chain is critical for a swift and seamless transition. Babcock looks to segment suppliers into three tiers to reflect their relationship with the customer and puts together an engagement plan around the key activities to ensure a continuation of service on Go-live.

    Data is essential for Babcock - both to understand the fleet before mobilisation, and to optimise its performance once operational. Once the fleet information is captured, Babcock is able to quickly identify efficiencies by sharing and analysing information from its global asset management operation.

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