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    • Babcock is a leading engineering support services company with a workforce of 27,000 people that deliver over 600 services across six continents. This includes managing £42bn of assets worldwide, including nuclear submarines and the Ministry of Defence’s 16,000 strong construction fleet.

      Babcock has recently established itself in the mining and construction sector following a 10-year contract award by Lafarge, in July 2010, to take on the management of its UK fleet – more than 400 assets across 70 aggregate and cement sites. This was followed in early 2012 by a second 10-year contract to manage Lafarge’s Heavy Mobile Equipment across more than 200 sites in the U.S. and Canada.

      Babcock is helping Lafarge to reduce costs and increase output at each of its sites, by transforming the way it manages a complex fleet of Mobile Equipment. Babcock knows the assets can only deliver optimum performance if their maintenance, availability and procurement are underpinned by a specialist approach to asset management.

      Babcock has taken a unique approach to asset management, providing critical visibility over national and international fleets, as well as delivering services over the whole lifecycle of an asset, from procurement through to disposal.

      This approach is centred on ALCAMiE (Asset Life Cycle Availability Management in Engineering). This is Babcock’s proven delivery model. It is designed to meet key customer drivers and deliver a range of outputs that enable transformation in how assets are managed.  ALCAMIE provides four core services:

      1. Web-based fleet reporting - at the core of ALCAMiE is a system of web-based reporting that provides organisations with the granular information they need to make the right strategic, and operational decisions about their fleet.
      2. Core asset management - Babcock manages detailed customer equipment based information about each asset including equipment criticality, warranty information, service intervals, usage hours and planned availability. This data supports the decisions that ensure Babcock gets maximum performance at lowest whole life cost.
      3. Managed service centres (MSC) - Through a single integrated process within a  MSC, Babcock can see a job through from the initial call, managing suppliers, keeping the customer informed, to completion - inputting data into the management system throughout the process. It means that jobs can be prioritised on criticality, as it has enough data on each asset to understand the impact of their downtime.
      4. Customer accounting function - Babcock’s unique combination of fleet reporting, core asset management and a MSC enables it to play the entire programme back to customers, enabling them to make quick and accurate strategic decisions, saving time and money.

      The success of this approach has meant that within the first year of mobilising Lafarge’s aggregates fleet in the UK, £10m of new equipment has been ordered to replace aged and worn out equipment, better warranty terms have been renegotiated, and stringent asset availability targets have been met. In addition, additional benefits has been delivered including technical added value, where, for example equipment telemetry has been used to ensure the highest levels of production and to help review technical defects. These benefits are also being seen within six months of mobilising the Lafarge contract in North America. Critically, Lafarge now has increased visibility across national and international fleets.

      Working with our customers
      Our customers are driven by the need to address two of their most pressing concerns – reducing the cost per tonne and improving the performance of their existing assets. They can achieve this by building a long term relationship with Babcock as a trusted partner, focussed on working with them to deliver these outcomes.

      A single independent partner
      As the single point of contact, Babcock provides an independent bridge between customers and manufacturers, supporting any mix of assets with total impartiality. Babcock helps customers to alleviate the management of an intricate supply chain by ensuring they only need to work with one organisation from start to finish.

      Shared risk and reward
      Our experience enables us to help customers understand their risks and reduce their impact. We work in partnership with them to share those risks, mitigating their impact today, and planning together for mutual future success. This can include innovative financing models that inject cash back into the customer’s balance sheet.

      At the heart of the operation
      Our combination of proven management, analytical and engineering experience helps customers make the right strategic decisions. This places us at the core of customer operations.

      Babcock is committed to ensuring the highest levels of health and safety, ensuring that best practise, innovative programs and experiences are shared both within the organization, and in working with our customers.

      Greater customer focus
      Equipment and vehicle assets are often critical to the customer’s core output, but can create significant business distraction - taking management focus away from its core activities. By working with Babcock, customers have the confidence to focus on their core business.

      Innovative solutions
      Babcock is not bound by existing industry technologies, processes or systems. We encourage our customers to think differently about how they procure, manage, and decommission their assets to get the most from them.

      From innovative finance programmes to customer specific IT systems for gathering and interrogating data, we work in partnership with customers to consider all the options to help them achieve their objectives.

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